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Not just another list, but here are few beaches in Goa you will love on your visit to the State.

Everyone loves a good beach visit. But, the hunt to find a quiet, pristine stretch of golden sands and sparkling waters is often a task. Goa’s long fringe of sandy shores attract the hoards, but there are a few beaches in Goa worthy of a visit. Tucked away in between hillocks, off the beaten roads lie some of the most beautiful pieces of paradise.

North Goa

Bambolim Beach

If you’re visiting Panjim and you’re looking for an offbeat sojourn, travel to the little stretch of sandy shores in Bambolim. It’s a lovely drive down the valley, past the Grand Hyatt, that’ll you’ll pass on the way. There’s no direct road leading to the beach and you’ll have to keep an eye on your right for a little mud road through the trees that’ll lead you to the small beach. It’s quiet and cleaner compared to Miramar.

Anjuna Beach

The old hippie haven still holds on to its rustic, eclectic vibe. The hippies are long gone, but the area is frequented by new hipsters looking to get away from the mundane and soak up some sun. The rocky shores, though a few km long are lined with shacks you can sit at and chill. The famed Wednesday flea market has doubled in size and still hosted on the rocks of this famed beach and now Indian vendors have overtaken the old hippy market. Due to Covid, the market is closed until further notice.

Vagator Beach

Next door is Vagator Beach. Like it’s neighbour, the beach is small, covered in rocks but the area boasts of some of the best hotels, eateries and joints. There are various viewing points of the beautiful horizon. You can drive up to the top of the hill or drive down to the beach front. Little Vagator has the famed carved Shiva face.

Arambol Beach

Ask anyone for the new haunt on Goa’s beach belt and Arambol comes to mind. Known for it’s chilled out, easy-breezy vibe, it’s a long stretch of sheer bliss. There are coco huts you can opt for if you want to wake up to the sea views, or the luxe properties around. The cafes, restaurants serve a mix of cuisine to tempt the hungry hearts.

South Goa

Beach side shopping in Palolem is fun and you can pick up interesting buys.


Everyone’s favorite beach Palolem in South Goa is your getaway to peace. Ditch those long work hours for some serious relaxation and enjoy your time away from nature. The beach offers adventure, romance, and solitude, depending on what you’re looking for. You can enjoy a quiet drive around the picturesque village and visit some of the local sites.  

Butterfly Beach

A boat’s drive from Palolem is Butterfly beach. It’s easily accessible and you can spot the wing shaped little patch as you approach. There is a trek through the jungle but you’ll need a local to get you there.


Since you’re in the area, drive over to Agonda beach. It’s a few kilometres away and a quieter stretch compared to the others. It’s a favourite with peace seekers and those who want to get away from the noise. It’s better to take your own transport as renting a cab may be pricy and depending on local transport isn’t the best idea if you’re new to the village.


Close to the Cabo-de Rama fort lies the Cabo beach. It’s a little stretch of pristine sands and waters that are a sight to feast on.

(Note: Please check the places you visit before making your trip as many of the restaurants, places to stay, and activities are shut due to Covid)

Hope, that’s gets you started on your beach travels around Goa. Do carry a hat, soak in the sun lotion and enjoy basking in the sand.


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